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DelOld—Delete Old Files
RSU32—Remote Software Update
GPS Route File Converter
NTPopUp by Jensen Harris
SkipDays—Skip a Number of Days


DelOld—Delete Old Files

DelOld is a program which deletes files older than a certain number of days.

Detailed description and download


RSU32—Remote Software Update

RSU32 (Remote Software Update) is a program that can update the software on many individual workstation PCs from a file server. Among other things it can replicate files and directories quickly and efficiently over slow WAN links, even if they reside on or were copied from a FAT disk with the attendant time deviations.

The predecessor, RSU (for DOS) is also still available.

RSU32 and RSU are year 2000 compliant.

RSU32 can replicate user and group access rights.

Worldwide Internet credit card registration—programs will no longer display “Unregistered” after registration and the quiet switch of RSU32 for unobtrusive operation on end user PCs can be used.

Before you read on and look at the other registration and payment options, please consider to register through the Web by clicking on one of the links above. Telephone, fax and check service requires extra effort that could be unnecessary and therefore incur additional charges.

To register RSU or RSU32 by phone or fax, using a credit card:


To register RSU or RSU32 by paper mail and check in America, please check for the required surcharge and please make checks payable to Register Now!, including the product's ID on the "memo" of the check. Do not send eurocheques to the US, as they are currently uncashable. Send them to our European office instead. All order information except credit card information should be included in the order you mail to:

Register Now!
PO Box 1816

To register RSU or RSU32 by paper mail and check in Europe and other parts of the world, make checks payable to Hans-Georg Michna, use the currency € (Euro) if possible (or convert at the current bank rate and use any other convenient currency). Include the following information:

Our European office is:

Mr. Hans-Georg Michna
Notinger Weg 42

In Europe use a Eurocheque for the appropriate DM price (see first chapter of documentation above) for the required number of users. There are no additional charges, except, if buying in Germany, add the legally prescribed Value Added Tax (currently 16%).

If you require an invoice, please ask for it by e-mail or send a purchase order to Hans-Georg Michna in Germany. But please keep bureaucracy to a minimum. If you can, please register by credit card through Register Now!, which is much more convenient and probably cheaper for you as well as for us. Within the European community please add your VAT ID, which allows you to receive an invoice without VAT (Value Added Tax). Our VAT ID is:


ToTo contact the program author:

Send mail to the author: Burkhard Daniel


GPS Route File Converter

This program is now obsolete and has been surpassed by other programs. The description here will stay for a while, just in case someone wants to keep using it, probably to convert Top 50 routes, then it will be removed.

A similar, but much more powerful program is GPS-Route, programmed by Dr. P Roosen. Please see

GPS Route File Converter reads line or route files exported from

GPS Route File Converter converts these files into OziExplorer route files (.RTE), so they can be uploaded to a GPS receiver like the Garmin eMap using any program that can read OziExplorer route files, like G7ToWin (free download from or OziExplorer itself (download from

Usage hints

If applicable, switch the Map & Guide software from detailed list to major waypoints only before you export the route description, otherwise you will get too many useless waypoints. Then (in a German version) use the command Datei, Export, Routenbeschreibung.

In TOP, proceed as follows.

Give the export file a name with two disctinctive first letters, because these will form the name of all generated route waypoints (followed by a two digit number and abbreviated driving instructions if present). All letters in the filename after the first two are ignored by the GPS Route File Converter.

If you use OziExplorer, don't be confused when the route files are invisible in the map area. They can still be uploaded into a GPS device. Load one route at a time, then upload it to the GPS receiver. Then load the next route and repeat the process. Or use G7ToWin, which works with some Notebooks on which OziExplorer fails to connect to the GPS. Be sure to use the latest version of G7ToWin, as some earlier versions had problems with the proper route waypoint symbols.

The waypoint names generated from Großer Reiseplaner contain abbreviated driving instructions. Example XY12-REA99 means route XY, waypoint 12, turn right (rechts einbiegen in) A99. Check the original text file for the meaning of the letters. Versions 2002/2003 (7.0) and later produce less usable, sometimes meaningless abbreviated directions.

GpsRouteConvert is a Visual Basic 32 bit program that runs in Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

The current version of GPS Route File Converter is freeware. You may download and redistribute it.

gpsrouteconvpackage.exe is a self extracting package. Double-click on the file to start the installation. The programm automatically unpacks some install files and copies them into a temporary folder on your hard disk. Then it automatically starts the setup.exe file to begin the actual installation.

To uninstall, select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Software, GPS Route File Converter, then remove the program.

Before you upgrade, uninstall all previous versions to avoid multiple entries in Control Panel, Software. If you already have multiple entries, uninstall or remove them all, then install the latest version once.

Recent Version History

Version creates route files that correctly display symbol and name, rather than symbol and comment.

Version shows a correct status line text after aborting an overwrite operation.

Version works with Großer Reiseplaner 2002/2003 and has improved error reporting. Unfortunately the directives given by that version are no longer as reliably formatted as they were in earlier versions, so many waypoint names are not very meaningful any more.

Version has a working Cancel button in the File Open dialog.

Download GPS Route File Converter


NTPopUp by Jensen Harris


Windows NT, 2000, and XP by default display popup messages but do not contain any convenient and simple way to send them, like WinPopUp in Windows 98.

Rather than writing yet another popup message sender I found a small, simple, and reliable program written by Jensen Harris. Please check the contact and license information here:

I could not locate the program or the author anywhere—neither his mail address nor his web site exist any more—so I put up the small, efficient and useful program here until the author and perhaps any newer version of the program can be found again.



Replicator will most likely not be developed any further and is no longer supported.

Replicator is a program which replicates the contents of directories bidirectionally. It is normally used over network connections to provide quick and inexpensive access to topical data while avoiding the cost of a leased line. It can also be used to synchronize data between a desktop and a laptop computer, and is free for use between only two computers.

Replicator is year 2000 compliant.

Send mail to the author: Burkhard Daniel


SkipDays—Skip a Number of Days

SkipDays has become obsolete with Microsoft's addition to some resource kits and to Windows Server 2003 of a similar, but more flexible command line tool: ForFiles. Read a description with sample batch files here.

SkipDays is a program that allows you to start some other process only after a certain number of days has passed.

2000-08-29: Versions before didn't always work properly. Please download the current version.

SkipDays is a Visual Basic 32 bit program that runs in Windows 95 and Windows NT.

SkipDays is unsupported freeware. You can download and redistribute it to your heart's content, but you may not communicate with me about it, except if you have improved the program first.

SkipDays does not require installation. Just double-click on skipdayx.exe to unpack SkipDays.exe and copy this file onto your hard disk. You can disregard or delete the other files which contain the Visual Basic source code.

SkipDays requires MSVBVM60.DLL (1.34 MB) however, which you can download from the World Wide Web after using any of the search engines for the file name, for example through Google or any other good Web search system. Or download and install GPS Route File Converter (see below), which contains this file.

In Windows 95 copy MSVBVM60.DLL into the SYSTEM subdirectory. In Windows NT, copy it into the SYSTEM32 subdirectory.

To use SkipDays.exe, start it with a command line argument of the number of days. Example:

SkipDays.exe 7

SkipDays writes a file named SkipDays.dat into the current folder. Leave this file in place and do not change or delete it. When the desired number of days has passed, SkipDays writes an additional signal file named SkipDays.sig into the current folder. You can use that to trigger other actions. Example:

cd \WORK
C:\UTIL\SkipDays.exe 3
if exist SkipDays.sig DelOld.exe C:\TEMP\*.* 30

Please notify me if you find that any of the references on this page no longer works.

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